Entrevista a Peter Sokal

wolfenstein_logoEl portal [OC]ModShop acaba de publicar una entrevista a Peter Sokal, manager de la comunidad de id Software. Dos páginas con preguntas relativas al single y multiplayer, en las cuales tambien nos comenta aspectos técnicos del motor gráfico.

“Raven knew at the beginning of development that they wanted to make sure that we stayed competitive in the marketplace and they also had a great experience working with idTech in the past which means they knew the ins and outs of the technology. Additionally, they added some great tech changes that make the game look modern and keep all the bells and whistles that you would expect for a next-gen game. They pretty much re-wrote or re-worked every system in the technology. They started with a new lighting system, called deferred shading, that allows them to create realistic lighting and soft shadows. They added a system of post processing effects that let us do cool things like depth of field, overbloom, motion blur, full screen desaturation and distortions. They added Havok physics to really help the world come alive and shine with tons of shrapnel, chunks and destructible pieces. One of the biggest additions was the creation of thier streaming system. This system lets them load and unload the assets around the player and allows us to have continuous, highly detailed environments throughout the entire game. It’s crazy when you look around at all of the detailed models, textures and enemies that you’ll find in the game.”

Aquí teneis el enlace a la entrevista a Peter Sokal por [OC]ModShop.


Detalles del Wolfenstein multiplayer

wolfenstein_logoPor fin se empieza a perfilar el esperado multiplayer del nuevo Wolfenstein. Crossfire ha editado una columna explicandonos bastantes detalles sobre el modo, el motor gráfico, los mapas y hasta la fecha. El artículo está basado en detalles de un exmiembro de Activision. 

Al final del artículo, y ya que está en ingles, os resumo un poquito en castellano para quien no lo entienda o simplemente pase de leerlo por lo grande que es.


“Raven’s current game development project Wolfenstein™ is quite important for the majority of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory fans or lets say Crossfire readers in general. What Raven have already came up with were some screenshots, a first trailer some interviews and a few game magazine articles. The content was not impressive as well as the graphics shown but nevertheless it was a first sign of active development of a game we all hope to suit our needs. However what they have shown and talked so far was all part of the singleplayer. It’s a game feature or lets say a part every gamer likes; but for us Crossfire readers and active online gamers there is another more important thing that makes a game enjoyable. It is of course the multiplayer mode for online play. The success of Wolfenstein multiplayer is very important for most of us as it most probably decides about our very own gaming future. Sadly or better say luckily the only information concerning Wolf MP so far was “(…) it follows into the footsteps of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory(…)”. It is objective based gameplay we all want and what they confirmed already. Now there seem to be some more or less new information regarding the multiplayer which have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Over at Wolfenstein-Zone.com a discussion about the multiplayer and especially its engine started with two possibilities for the engine. ID Tech 4 was sure to be used but that engine is quite aged and was used in different games already with different tasks. We had DOOM 3 and QUAKE 4 in which the engine was used first and was able to run small environments. From troubles to give more than four players the possibility to mess in DOOM 3, to a miscarried start of QUAKE 4 in competition further on to a quite enjoyable patched QUAKE 4 in the end; the engine feels smooth now but still lacks the possibility of running wide areas. Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars was next to make use of ID Tech 4; a modified one of course, as that engine was now able to run huge maps packed with many players and even vehicles. Nevertheless, the smoothness of games like RtCW and W:ET using the QUAKE 3 (ID Tech 3) engine or even the patched QUAKE 4 was lost. One of the main factor for ET:QW’s missing success in competition was for certain the engine used.

So we had two possibilities of which engine Wolf MP would make use of; a QUAKE 4 based engine which should guarantee smoothness or the newer engine of ET:QW which was able to run big environment. Since Raven software also created QUAKE 4 it seemed obvious of which engine they would make use of. On the other side took Activison Endrant Studios into development who were known to be mainly former Splash Damage employees. And SD again used the modified ID Tech 4 engine to create ET:QW. Within the discussion a user popped up who claimed to be an ex staff member of Activision. He said to have been in touch with the Wolfenstein development and presented his knowledge about the game (end of 2007) which is quite amazing as nearly nothing concerning the MP part was reveiled by now.

According to his knowledge Wolfenstein will in fact be built on a QUAKE 4 alike engine formerly used by Raven already, but now of course tweaked and upgraded – for the singleplayer part. Yes Raven is most likely only concerned with the SP not the MP; “except for modeling Axis and Resistance player models”. Reasons for that have been that Ravens tweaked engine was never able to run network games online. At that time Threewave were included in Wolf MP and have been quite fast in development as they already finnished the biggest MP part in 2007 together with a couple of maps. They finnished their work on Wolf MP when it already got a beta status. Edrant studios was then assigned to complete their work in close cooperation to Raven. However Raven was not able to close the gab that fast as the singleplayer development was even in the middle of 2008 at pre alpha status. At least the QuakeCon trailer und paper magazine articles all show the pre-alpha. Wolf MP and ET:QW have been in development at the same time sharing the same engine – what could lead to the guess of an ET:QW alike engine for Wolf MP. And in fact the Wolfenstein MP part will be built on that engine – according to that forum user (“… The ET:QW engine was optimized for online play, so it was an obvious choice for Wolf MP, with larger draw distances”).

Moreover he lifted some information about the gameplay. According to him there will be no Axis versus Allies in Wolfenstein but Resistance versus Axis. This could be quite true as the resistant fighters are also main characters within singleplayer. Next to the two fighting parties he claimed to know about the classes that will be featured in Wolf MP. As a difference to RtCW and W:ET there will ‘only’ be three classes available in Wolfenstein to choose from. Of course that has not to mean there will be Soldier/Medic/Engineer only. The known abilities from RtCW and W:ET could be distributed to that three classes. For example could a Medic then call for an Airstrike as well or something like that. Some abilities may be left aside and some others could be added.

For most of us his statement about no vehicles being used in Wolf MP should be quite joyful. Furthermore there should be no megatextures be used (what should already make the custom mappers happy) as the map size is not compareable with ET:QW, anyway. “Map sizes are roughly on par with RTCW maps (settings like Chemical Factory, City Canals, Hospital, Downtown Bank Plaza, etc.)”. The people that screemed for small maps like in RtCW should now get a smile onto their faces. Small maps could as well increase the engine performance as wide areas and vehicles could have caused that ‘un-smoothness’ in ET:QW.

Next to the map size, the objectives could be comparable to RtCW as well. “Objective based gameplay remains (Destroy the wall, bunker door, fire the cannon, steal the documents, device, etc.)” For the people that feared a Capture the flag alike Wolf MP cause Threewave was involved that news should let them breathe deeply now. Next to the main objectives which mostly open new map areas there should as well be ‘sub-objectives’ again so the Engineer does not run out of work “(build the MG42, construct a ladder, pick the lock, repair the bridge, blow the bridge)”.

The playersize for Wolfenstein should be limited by 16 what makes a public gameplay of eight versus eight players possible and of course our beloved 6vs6 mode for competition. Whether that player limitation depends on the engine, the netcode or the map size is not sure though. Costum map developers should easily be able to create bigger sized maps for public gameplay in case it does not depend on the engines abilities or the netcode, as mentioned.

The known Expirence Points (XP) from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory will be found in Wolfenstein multiplayer as well. “Players earn XP during campaign mode that can be used to upgrade to other weapons, build deployables, etc.” Whether the XP system will be like the one in ET or compareable to CoD4 or even ET:QW (ranked servers) is not known yet. Deployables will be not totally new to RtCW and ET gameplay as that deployables can be for example an MG nest, a spawn area or a radar station. How much impact they may have, remains to be seen.

Now that we have all those new information (which I say again should be handled with care), we can accentuate the engine which sounds not that good to most of us on first sight but might be quite enjoyble since only small maps will be used. On the other side we have the gameplay we want, that let us hope for a nice Wolfenstein successor in 2009 confirmed by Activision. “



  • El motor gráfico: Será el de Quake4 modificado, y no el de ET:QW.
  • El modo de juego: Con objetivos, Resistencia vs Eje, y habrán sólo 3 clases disponibles por equipo.
  • Los mapas: Sin megatextura, sin vehiculos, y de tamaño pequeño (similares a los de RtCW).
  • Los servidores: Limitados a 16 slots, sin rankeo, pero con opción a modo campaña con recompensas por xp (como en W:ET).
  • La fecha de lanzamiento: En 2009, confirmado por Activision.